List of the best telehealth platforms

There are many more standalone telehealth platforms that may be better suited to your specialty or workflow. For a full list of the best telehealth platforms for private practices, please see below.

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Choose a telehealth platform, quickly

Take care not to spend too much time researching options. Expect many more changes in regulations, reimbursements and technologies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many new vendors are entering the space. Existing healthcare IT companies are refining their telehealth strategies.

You can even use a video conferencing tool like Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams or Zoom for telehealth appointments. In many cases, private practices with several employees will be better off selecting a dedicated telehealth platform. It can present a better brand impression for your patients and offer some conveniences with scheduling and intake.

One of the three tools reviewed should meet the minimum requirements for more than 80% of private medical practices. If they do not, please contact us so we can inform our readers.

Additional standalone telehealth platforms

These standalone telehealth providers seem to also provide a high quality product. We have listed what makes each of them unique.

If you do not see a telehealth platform that you recommend, let us know.

NameWhat’s special?
AmwellWell-rated separate mobile apps for both practices and patients on iOS and Android, in addition to desktop compatibility
ChironTelehealth private payer reimbursement guarantee, or they will pay the claim themselves
CloudVisitAlso provides teleconferencing to other industries (construction, energy, insurance, inspection, etc)
DigigoneProvides telemedicine for organizations that operate in lower-bandwidth areas (maritime vessels, aircraft)
Doxy.meEasy, reliable and features a free plan; see our full review here
eVisitClean, professional user interface and is used by both hospitals and practices
Genoa HealthcarePsychiatry focus
MendMany telehealth features and a responsive support team; see our full Mend review here
SightCallIntegrates with Salesforce for telehealth and operates in several industries
SnapMDUtilized by large health systems like UCSD and UMMC
Teladoc HealthA telehealth network that contracts with physicians and connects patients who need virtual care with a provider in their network
there-LINKTherapy focus
WeCounselBehavioral health focus
VSeeRobust API for developers with a number of large brand name clients; see our full VSee review here

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Want the full guide for the best telehealth platforms for private practices? Contact us for a copy.

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