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Website redesign and SEO

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Search engine optimization

Practice growth partner

Digital advertising / PPC

Delegate IT Stress
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Technical advisory support

Website, social, IT upkeep

App sourcing& integration

Need help in the digital age?

Our Secret

Healthcare Exclusive

We do not believe that a strong partner can be anything to everyone. We are laser focused on helping private healthcare and wellness providers thrive in the digital age.

Proven ROI

We do not believe in hoping that you get your money’s worth. We guarantee a return on your investment for our partners who follow our mutually agreed upon plan.

Technology Nerds

We do not believe that people who do not love technology can help you with it in the long term. We love spending time in front of devices so that you do not have to.

Healthcare Exclusive

We do not solve your technology problems with more faceless technology. We are always committed to being real humans – on call for you when you need us.

Our Process


  • Determine goals
  • Gather practice & patient attributes
  • Interview staff & patients
  • Select channels
  • Map workflows


  • Obtain design preferences
  • Create brand collateral
  • Design home and landing pages
  • Create social profiles and listings
  • Approve marketing plan


  • Design or update website
  • Setup telemedicine, email & more
  • Prepare meta data for SEO
  • Support media production
  • Create custom web applications


  • Release web content & updates
  • Train and notify staff
  • Execute social & ad calendar
  • Maintain website and profiles
  • Gather online reviews


  • Identify KPIs
  • Review website analytics
  • Track appointment volume
  • Measure patient reviews
  • Uncover social & PPC trends


  • Summarize progress & action steps
  • Benchmark performance
  • Capture support requests & updates
  • Receive personalized advice
  • Generate practical ideas


Our Clients

Dr. Andrew Kirschner

Owner, Suburban Multispecialty

I was trying to increase our exposure on the internet so that we could bring in new patients. It’s hard to stay current so that patients can find you. From the very beginning, I could tell that meddkit was very personalized and willing to work with me. We’ve seen many hits and have brought in a lot of patients since going live. The whole experience has been great. They really care about how the practice grows. I would definitely recommend meddkit to anyone who is thinking about ways to expose their practice to a wider population.

I have enjoyed working with meddkit and love the personal attention and care. They have helped to grow our practice, digitally marketing us, redesigning and maintaining our website, supporting our IT needs and training our staff. We grew from 42 page views in September to 524 page views in March, resulting in over 40 patient appointment requests online and many more over the phone. We will be opening a second location within a year.
Dr. James Greenfield
President, CCRHC
I can’t thank meddkit enough. They’ve marketed my services, crafted me a new website, designed logos, taken photos and have given me regular business coaching. It’s nice that they only support healthcare workers, so they know my world. They have been very responsive and they meet with me as often as I need with suggestions to improve my business.
Korey Russell, LMT
Owner, True Massage Therapy

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