Survival Kit

Essential Tools for Getting Started
  • Break/fix support
  • Quarterly meeting
  • Analytics review
  • Add ons not available

First-Aid Kit

Vital Support and Growth Boosters
  • Concierge support
  • Monthly meeting
  • Analytics review
  • Accountability partner
  • Best practices from hundreds of similar providers
  • Add ons available

Medical Kit

Complete Care for Lasting Success
  • Concierge support
  • Monthly meeting
  • Analytics review
  • Accountability partner
  • Best practices from hundreds of similar providers
  • Fractional IT department
  • Fractional CIO
  • Add ons available

Add Ons

Email marketing

Provider referral builder

Digital ads

Digital profile updates

Video testimonial recordings

Self-scheduling appointments

Google workspace admin

Custom monthly analytics email report

Core Services

Appointment Intake Automation

Streamline your patient intake process.

Ensure data security and compliance from the start. Safeguard sensitive information with robust encryption measures.

Reclaim valuable staff hours with streamlined processes. Optimize efficiency and productivity.

Minimize missed appointments and improve patient attendance. Effectively reduce no-show rates with our tailored strategies.

Decrease phone call volumes and enhance patient experience. Implement innovative solutions to streamline communication.

Elevate the patient journey with exceptional experiences. Enhance satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty.

Effortlessly gather insurance details with swift precision. Accelerate the process and ensure smooth operations.

Website Build & Upkeep

We build, maintain, and improve it. You own it.

We handle everything: redesigns, server hosting, backups, DNS, and more. You can focus on your patients and clients.

Your healthcare business must adapt with the environment. Your digital presence must, too.

Personalized for your healthcare business, locale, or specialty. We tailor our best practices from hundreds of providers to fit you.

Dislike hearing “not possible”? Unlike with site builders and robots, almost anything can be changed.

Have the ability to modify your site without the necessity. Optionally create pages, announcements, videos, and more. Give your team access, too.

Not “just” daily backups. If one location goes down, another instance is ready-to-go to minimize downtime.

Proxies anonymize traffic, IP geofencing stops malefactors, captchas fight spam, 2FA protects your credentials, data encryption in transit and at rest (AES-256), and BAAs signed with all.

Analytics for Stability & Growth

Results in your inbox, every month.

Gain valuable insights into your revenue potential. Unlock a clearer understanding of your earnings.

Discover an increase of bookings and conversions. Unveil a stream of fresh appointments and registrations.

Monitor and manage your reputation effectively. Stay on top of your ratings and stay ahead with stellar ratings.

Uncover the sources of your patient referrals. Gain valuable insights into your referring channels.

Discover the ideal content to showcase. Unlock the secrets of effective healthcare marketing strategies.

Decode visitor patterns and industry shifts. Gain a comprehensive understanding of healthcare traffic and emerging trends.

Stay informed with real-time analytics, and never miss a single insightful report.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and guesswork. Unlock data-driven strategies that deliver results.

Add Ons

Social Media Marketing

Delegate distractions, keep complete oversight.

Empowering private healthcare practices to deliver exceptional healthcare and wellness experiences by providing innovative technology solutions.

Unify your social media management with an advanced platform that brings together all your past and future posts in a single, centralized location.

Take full control of your social media content in one app that allows you to approve or cancel posts effortlessly, right at your fingertips. 

Unlock your business’s full potential with our tools that seek to drive growth in followers, appointments, and likes.

Stay ahead of the game with our carefully planned and organized solutions, allowing you to schedule and prepare weeks in advance.

Captivate and connect with your patients and clients through captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your communication and build meaningful relationships with our innovative tech solutions designed to engage and inspire.

Maintain a strong and consistent digital presence with our agency’s solutions that keep you active and on top of your game. From content scheduling to performance monitoring, we empower you to stay relevant and make a lasting impact in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Rating & Review Boost

Get more five-star ratings and reviews.

Grow organically and help more people. Every new five-star results in dozens of new patients and clients served.

Transform satisfied patients into powerful advocates. Harness the potential of outstanding testimonials.

Capture compelling video testimonials. Harness the power of authentic patient stories. 

A few bad ratings can decrease appointments or increase malpractice risk. Prevent bad ratings with our technology, templates, and best practices.

Your patients and clients should find good information about you wherever they look. Get ratings and reviews evenly across the most important digital profiles for your healthcare business.

Keep your feedback fresh with a consistent stream of new ratings and reviews. Prevent your healthcare business from looking outdated as you grow.

Exploring new services? Learn what your patients and clients think beforehand. Create routine surveys to better understand your patients or clients and their preferences.

Payments & Estimates

Simplify payments and estimate processes with expert guidance.

Unlock the convenience of online payments for your patients. Enable hassle-free transactions and enhance revenue collection.

Accelerate cash flow by minimizing Accounts Receivable time. Streamline financial operations and optimize revenue cycles.

Reclaim valuable time for your billing office. Streamline processes and increase efficiency with our specialized digital marketing solutions.

Efficiently simplify your collection process for smoother operations. Optimize revenue management and improve financial outcomes.

Seamlessly integrate with a multitude of vendors (Stripe, Square, PayPal, InstaMed) for enhanced operational efficiency. Fine-tune workflows and optimize collaboration.

AI Setup & Configuration

Chat, FAQ, scheduling, custom model setup.

Let AI assistants handle routine inquiries, freeing up your team for complex issues.

Eliminate repetitive inquiries with a comprehensive, AI-powered knowledge base.

Allow users to schedule appointments or consultations anytime, anywhere, while syncing seamlessly with your calendar and booking systems.

Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge AI technology.

We monitor your AI systems and provide ongoing maintenance and updates.

Leverage cutting-edge AI advancements to keep your marketing strategies competitive and innovative.

Custom Application Development

Build what you envision.

Eliminate communication gaps and project delays with our streamlined collaborative approach that gets results.

No hidden fees or unexpected charges. You get a clear price breakdown before development begins.

We design and develop with future growth in mind, ensuring your app adapts to your needs.

Stay informed throughout the development process with transparent communication.

Expert launch, ongoing support, and data-driven optimization for app success that lasts.

Robocall & Scam Blocking

Healthcare IT Advisory

Digital Advertising

IT Setup & Phone Trees

Healthcare Profile Maintenance

Patient Engagement Campaigns


Digital growth & support for healthcare & wellness providers