4 ways to boost patient portal adoption

You probably already have a patient portal. Over 90% of private medical practices do. Most Electronic Healthcare Record systems (EHRs) include a patient portal feature. They have been pressured to do so by regulations and a more competitive market. CMS requires you offer a patient portal for a Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) measure. This Read more about 4 ways to boost patient portal adoption[…]

Texting for patient payments, estimates, and insurance verification

Text messaging for patient payments Patient payments are hard to collect If you bill patients, you know that it is challenging to collect out-of-pocket. A report by McKinsey found that “…provider collection rates run at 50 to 70 percent for small-dollar liabilities for insured patients and fall to about 10 percent for self-pay patients.” The Read more about Texting for patient payments, estimates, and insurance verification[…]

Texting for recalls and preventative health

Scheduling recalls with your existing patients is one of the best ways to keep them healthy, improve goodwill and maintain good cash flow. Your existing patients or clients are your: Priority for attention and care Least expensive appointments to secure Biggest potential advocates or detractors Recalls are not for every specialty. They work best for Read more about Texting for recalls and preventative health[…]

Texting for patient reviews and ratings

Online ratings and reviews increasingly drive consumer decisions. Your online ratings determine how easy it is for prospective patients to find you and whether they book you.  Ratings also influence how your existing patients and peers perceive you. They are often the first impression that someone has of you and your practice. Providing great care Read more about Texting for patient reviews and ratings[…]

How to text patient announcements

Is your practice sending text message reminders for patient appointments? If not, you should review why texting your patients can help both them and you. If it is, what’s next? You may want to begin texting patients about important announcements. Texting announcements is productive Office availability announcements do not require marketing or advertising consent. We Read more about How to text patient announcements[…]

How to text patient appointment reminders

If you have not yet begun to use text messaging for your practice, appointment reminders might be the best place to start. They can greatly increase revenue, are easy to implement, and they save your staff time. Most importantly, patients want them. Many EHRs include text message appointment reminders in their scheduling or access functionality. Read more about How to text patient appointment reminders[…]

Starting a healthcare business

By Chelsea Lamb, businesspop.net If you are tossing around the idea of opening a healthcare-based business, you are not alone. The coronavirus pandemic has brought more attention to care-relate service businesses. More businesses, from childbirth to home health services are popping up frequently. Does this mean it will be easy? No, but starting your own Read more about Starting a healthcare business[…]

Best HIPAA compliant text messaging apps

There are dozens of viable apps and vendors that provide HIPAA compliant text messaging for patients. We have assembled our top four picks for solo providers, medical practices, hospitals, and provider groups with developer support. Let us know if you need support with more nuanced workflows or implementing any of the below options. Top patient Read more about Best HIPAA compliant text messaging apps[…]

image for list of best telehealth platforms for private practices

6 tips for patient text messaging

Supporting text messaging for your patients is a great way to reduce no-shows, boost recall revenue, and improve patient satisfaction. Yet, you must take care to ensure that your text messaging workflow does not introduce unncessary risks to your practice. These six tips will help you safely and efficiently text your patients. Get consent to Read more about 6 tips for patient text messaging[…]

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