Best HIPAA compliant text messaging apps

There are dozens of viable apps and vendors that provide HIPAA compliant text messaging for patients. We have assembled our top four picks for solo providers, medical practices, hospitals, and provider groups with developer support. Let us know if you need support with more nuanced workflows or implementing any of the below options. Top patient Read more about Best HIPAA compliant text messaging apps[…]

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6 tips for patient text messaging

Supporting text messaging for your patients is a great way to reduce no-shows, boost recall revenue, and improve patient satisfaction. Yet, you must take care to ensure that your text messaging workflow does not introduce unncessary risks to your practice. These six tips will help you safely and efficiently text your patients. Get consent to Read more about 6 tips for patient text messaging[…]


Why you should text your patients

In this busy world, how are you supposed to get your patients to pay attention to what matters most: their health?  How do you cut through the noise to remind patients about appointments, preventive care, and  important announcements? You have a big advantage. You have a personal connection with your patients and clients. They know Read more about Why you should text your patients[…]

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Find Patient Lifetime Value (PLV part 5)

In order to calculate patient lifetime value, you must first have your: Gross Profit per Appointment Patient Recall Rate Patient Lifespan (or Patient Churn Rate) Once you have these figures, finding Patient Lifetime Value is simple. The hard part is the pre-work. Patient Lifetime Value Formula Multiply your patient lifespan by your patient recall rate Read more about Find Patient Lifetime Value (PLV part 5)[…]

What is Patient Lifetime Value? (PLV part 1)

What is Patient Lifetime Value, exactly? Simply put, it is an estimate of the total money you receive for services for a patient (or client) during their lifetime. The term is a bit off putting. How does “do no harm” align with viewing a patient in terms of dollars? It may not be as antithetical to Read more about What is Patient Lifetime Value? (PLV part 1)[…]


Healthcare consolidation costs consumers

Face it. You’ve seen a rise of mergers in healthcare in the last decade. Insurers, hospitals and private practices have bought one another out at an alarming rate. Healthcare facilities serving at-need patients have closed. Prices have increased. Employee wages have dropped as systems converge. Providers are the least happy they have ever been. But, Read more about Healthcare consolidation costs consumers[…]

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What is telehealth, really? How do I get started?

The COVID-19 outbreak has put tremendous stress on healthcare practices and their patients. Given the fears of exposure to the contagious virus, many healthcare providers are offering telehealth to their patients and clients.  Some specialist practices have closed or reduced hours and are wondering what they should do now. Other primary care and multispecialty practices are Read more about What is telehealth, really? How do I get started?[…]

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