Healthcare consolidation costs consumers

Face it. You’ve seen a rise of mergers in healthcare in the last decade. Insurers, hospitals and private practices have bought one another out at an alarming rate. Healthcare facilities serving at-need patients have closed. Prices have increased. Employee wages have dropped as systems converge. Providers are the least happy they have ever been. But, Read more about Healthcare consolidation costs consumers[…]

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What is telehealth, really? How do I get started?

The COVID-19 outbreak has put tremendous stress on healthcare practices and their patients. Given the fears of exposure to the contagious virus, many healthcare providers are offering telehealth to their patients and clients.  Some specialist practices have closed or reduced hours and are wondering what they should do now. Other primary care and multispecialty practices are Read more about What is telehealth, really? How do I get started?[…]

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