Client Success

Our commitment to you.

At meddkit, we are devoted to your success! We’re not just a team of marketing and tech experts; we’re your partners in growth. That being said, our core values are built on a foundation of honesty. In fact, honesty is not just a buzzword at meddkit, it’s a way of life. As a result, we want to be upfront with our clients from the very beginning.

It takes two to tango – your role in the process.

We firmly believe that our clients play an integral role in achieving their marketing goals. Success is a two-way street, and your active involvement and commitment are essential for achieving the best possible outcomes.

In order to reach your goals, there are some things that we can only do with your help.

Setup help required

As we begin, we will need access and authorization to get started. We will need your help to:

  1. Get access to IT systems (Social Media, CRM/EHR/PMS, Website, DNS, optionally email/phone)
  2. Obtain digital marketing assets (logo, pictures, staff bios, services)
  3. Complete and approve the go-to-market strategy (pain, profile, particularity, proof, proffer)
  4. Adhere to jointly established marketing/campaign plans

Ongoing help required

Once established, we will need your limited participation to execute continuously. We will need your help to:

  1. Attend progress review meetings
  2. Approve content calendar to help ensure we stay on brand
  3. Approve promotion ideas and deals to help drive more traffic
  4. Promote and create certain digital content (videos, interviews, images, sharing top posts)

Additional recommendations & tips

Here are some additional ways you can actively engage in various tasks and strategies to contribute to the growth of your business.

  1. Audience Research: Seek to understand your target audience, their pain points and concerns, and how you as a provider can help them find solutions.
  2. Content Creation and Sharing: Try to notice opportunities in your day to day experiences that we could use for marketing, such as case studies, patient/client feedback, testimonials, and other relevant information. This type of content will help establish your authority, build trust and credibility, and attract new patients/clients to you.
  3. Networking and Industry Involvement: Seek to stay up-to-date and actively participate in industry events, webinars, conferences, and networking opportunities. This can help you stay updated on industry trends and connect with potential partners and patients.
  4. Patience and Long-Term Commitment: Since marketing strategies often take time to yield significant results, we encourage you to maintain a long-term commitment to marketing efforts.

Together, we achieve success.

At meddkit, we view our clients as partners in our mission to help private practices thrive in the digital age. By working together, we can drive innovation, build brand awareness, and boost your business’s bottom line, all while helping you focus on excellent patient/client care. Your success is our success, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Ready to embark on this journey toward growth and success with an honest, results-driven marketing agency that focuses exclusively on healthcare providers? Contact us today to get started. Let’s achieve greatness together!

Client Testimonials

Amy Harrington, RN

Owner, Virtual Health Coach

“…meddkit is amazing, their team is fantastic. They are reliable and trustworthy. I wish I had found them years ago. They own a space for healthcare professionals that allows us to focus on patient care instead of the painful things of business ownership. Every month they catch up with me in a meeting and brainstorming session which allows me to continue moving forward. As my business grows, the more help I need in that arena. It used to bog me down but I now know that I can put those issues in their hands.”

“I have enjoyed working with meddkit and love the personal attention and care. They have helped to grow our practice, digitally marketing us, redesigning and maintaining our website, supporting our IT needs and training our staff. We grew from 42 page views in September to 524 page views in March, resulting in over 40 patient appointment requests online and many more over the phone. We will be opening a second location within a year.”
Dr. James Greenfield
President, CCRHC
“I can’t thank meddkit enough. They helped me launch my business years ago and have been with me through it all. They marketed my services, crafted me a new website, kept it up-to-date, and have been a very good partner. It’s nice that they only support healthcare workers, so they know my world. They have been very responsive and they meet with me often with suggestions to improve my business. “
Korey Russell, LMT
Owner, True Massage Therapy

Dr. Andrew Kirschner

Owner, Suburban Multispecialty

“I was trying to increase our exposure on the internet so that we could bring in new patients. It’s hard to stay current so that patients can find you. From the very beginning, I could tell that meddkit was very personalized and willing to work with me. We’ve seen many hits and have brought in a lot of patients since going live. The whole experience has been great. They really care about how the practice grows. I would definitely recommend meddkit to anyone who is thinking about ways to expose their practice to a wider population.”

“Meddkit has been great at helping us grow our business. Through data-driven analytics to social media marketing expertise, Meddkit has been able to help us improve our SEO and marketing efforts. We especially enjoy working with Rachael and Jon who truly take the time to learn about client’s needs and provide support in a timely manner.”
Abhi Rangarajan
Practice Manager, Aviva Dermatology
“Meddkit has been a blast to work with and really take into consideration the customer journey as well as clinician needs to shine through in what can be a confusing medical market. I highly recommend using them to break through the noise and build your medical brand! “
Dr. Nicholaus Salinas, PT/DPT
Owner, Functional Movement Therapy