Dr. Philip Ovadia, Ovadia Heart Health, Interview with meddkit

In today’s Provider Spotlight episode, we’re joined by Dr. Philip Ovadia, a renowned Cardiothoracic Surgeon with over 3,000 surgeries under his belt. Dr. Ovadia runs a successful Telehealth practice, Ovadia Heart Health, focusing on heart disease prevention and metabolic health through lifestyle and dietary changes. He also leads Ovadia Cardiothoracic Surgery, working across the US, and offers Elite Health Coaching and courses through his initiative “I Fix Hearts.” Don’t miss his insights today and a look into his book and podcast, “Stay Off My Operating Table.”

To reach out to Dr. Ovadia, watch his podcast, or buy his book please visit his websites: https://ovadiahearthealth.com/ + https://ifixhearts.com/

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