Promote your practice.

More time for what matters.

Spend your day with your patients, not your computer.

Grow the medical practice, automatically

Find patients, Free up time, Help more people

See what doctors are saying…

“I don’t have enough time to care for my patients.”

Between clinical documentation, compliance, billing/coding and managing the business, growing your practice can be an afterthought.

What if you had a system in place for automating the many repetitive things that you and your staff does every day? What would it look like to give your patients 24/7 access to your office online, while freeing up 25% of your admin time every day? What if you could assure that you would be paid on time for the care you provide?

Let technology work in the background for you so that you can be with your patients.

Eliminate admin work and help patients:

Find you online

Jane Doe looks up everything online: movies, coworkers and restaurants. When she can’t find you online, that’s a red flag. And it’s true across healthcare — 25% of patients research their doctor online, a figure that’s surging annually.

Book you online

Jane Doe isn’t feeling great on the train. She needs an appointment but can’t call now. Since she can’t book you discretely, she finds another provider who she can. By 2019 two out of three patients will request appointments online.

Pay you online

Jane Doe, and nearly every other patient (90%), wants to have the option to pay you online. At 9PM on a Sunday after seeing your bill on the counter, she remembers to pay. But your billing office is closed and the opportunity is lost.

Let your staff tailor your practice to your patients.

Sure, we'll promote your practice to patients online. But we'll also give you the tools and training to allow your staff to do it themselves.

Quickly post announcements and articles. Update your site's forms, menus and design. Automatically promote through social media. Change how and when patients can book appointments online.

We help doctors, dentists, chiropractors and healthcare practices attract new patients, collect more money and eliminate time consuming admin. We start by updating your website. From there, we help you take care of as many patients as you can.

It starts with your reputation

Let us promote you so you can improve lives.
Find patients,

Free up time,

Help more people.

Step 1. Gather requirements.

Step 2. Update your web presence.

Step 3. Promote your practice.

Step 4. Fix IT problems and cut admin.

Step 5. Review results and repeat.

  • Healthgrades, Yelp, Google Maps, ZocDoc and more

  • Online mobile friendly, HIPAA & PCI compliant patient payments within your site

  • Book more simply with secure appointment requests 24/7

  • No contract terms, no questions asked money back

It is hard for healthcare practitioners to find time to care for patients while juggling regulatory compliance, increasing admin burdens, continuing medical education and reimbursement headaches.

And now with higher out-of-pocket and adoption of social media and medical web apps, patients are researching care options. Most are finding their physicians online. Practices that don't stand out online are missing appointments with the patients who care most about their health.

While more important than ever, promoting the practice is overlooked because of everything else that has to be done. Practices need a way to put the promotion on "auto-pilot" to focus on patient care.

Meddkit promotes healthcare practices resulting in more patient appointments, better satisfaction scores and an improved reputation online. Our clients are healthcare practices that are seeing new patients or looking to better monetize their services.


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