Phil Gallo, Acu-Fit, Interview with meddkit

“Move Better, Live Healthier” is Phil Gallo’s motto. Phil, the owner and founder of Acu-Fit in San Diego, believes that your HEALTH is your BIGGEST ASSET. As a skilled acupuncturist and fitness coach, Phil is dedicated to helping his clients reclaim their health. Through his unique journey (click play to hear more!), Phil has become the ultimate advocate and healer.

Listen to Phil talk about:

1) What you should really know and understand about how acupuncture works! (P.S. Phil also offers cosmetic acupuncture!)

2) The truth about quick fixes – there is no magic pill! Listen Phil’s realistic approach to longevity.

3) Tips you can implement today to improve your life. FOR THE STRESSED-OUT PEOPLE, this one’s for you!!! Also, it’s great for those newly pregnant in their 1st trimester!

If you are interested in booking an appointment with Phil or want to learn more, visit his website at Also, since Phil is the coolest, here’s a free guidebook to help improve your skincare. Get yours here:

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