Dr. Debra, Step by Step Family Foot Care, Interview with meddkit

Interviewing our first Podiatrist for the Provider Spotlight Series was a joy!! We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Debra from Step by Step Family Foot Care in NJ.

Dr. Debra is grounded, insightful, and presents the FACTS to her patients, empowering them to make best well-informed health decisions.

In our discussion, Dr. Debra highlights:

1. The abnormality of pain – advising against ignoring or normalizing foot pain.

2. The common misconception that podiatrists merely trim toenails is debunked. Dr. Debra sheds light on the evolving and expansive field of podiatry, emphasizing the advanced training and innovative procedures now available.

3. The approach to enhancing foot health varies among individuals. Dr. Debra distinguishes the preventative measures for healthy young individuals from those necessary for athletes and diabetics, noting the critical need for regular check-ups in diabetic patients due to rapid changes in their condition.

For those facing foot health challenges or wishing to consult with Dr. Debra, please check out her website for more info: http://www.stepbystepnynj.com/

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