Lauren Schmidt, RTT, C. Hyp, RISE Therapy, Interview with meddkit

At meddkit, we are so privileged to meet some of the coolest people and hear their stories. People in private practice hold a special place in our heart! Today on Provider Spotlight, we got to sit down with Lauren Schmidt of RISE Therapy. A former Event Planner and Floral Designer turned therapist, Lauren used her own “aha” moments to open her practice and offer the same liberation to her clients.

Hear Lauren talk about:

  1. What RTT really is and what our conscious and unconscious minds are telling us!
  2. Why establishing core needs is so important.
  3. Hypnosis is not what you might think it is. Don’t be scared!
  4. How mental health and physical health go hand in hand.

To learn more about Lauren and get in touch with her, please visit her website at Also, as a really awesome freebie, check out Lauren’s guided meditation here (her voice is so calming!):

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