We strive to exceed our clients expectations whenever possible. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) explains what support, at a minimum, clients will receive if “concierge support” is included in their package with meddkit. It is in place to set proper expectations about the service level that we can consistently provide.

Our SLA helps ensure that all clients have a fair amount of support. It helps us reserve time to market ourselves, improve our service, and take care of our team. We work to exceed our SLA whenever time and resources allow.

When this level of guaranteed service is not adequate, we provide options for extra support for additional costs. Please understand that our SLA is subject to change due to things outside of our direct control.

Please understand that this document is only a guide. It is superseded by our Terms and Conditions.


Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) applies to all requests for work sent to meddkit’s support team via the methods detailed below.

Keep in mind that we provide clients with more support than detailed in this SLA during the implementation period. The implementation period is defined as the sixty calendar days following the date of the meddkit contract signing. The SLA does not apply during regularly scheduled meetings between meddkit and meddkit clients.



A quick modification to your site, profiles, posts, or settings that does not involve content creation. Examples:

  1. Updating specific words or sentences
  2. Posting short, pre-written announcements, posts, or content
  3. Deleting or disabling content
  4. Adding users or e-mail addresses (if IT administration is in scope)
  5. Adding pre-created images or media that does not require edits, design, or adjustments


Larger changes to your infrastructure, including new content creation or software development. Examples:

  1. Changes that are not pre-written or pre-created
  2. Changes that require design, structure, or workflow adjustments
  3. Adding images or media that requires edits, design, or adjustments
  4. Modifying a single website page or post, excluding landing pages
  5. Creating buttons or theme modifications
  6. New long-form digital marketing content, such as blog articles or videos (if digital marketing is in scope)


Substantial changes to your infrastructure. Examples:

  1. New page creation
  2. Payment or scheduling integration
  3. New software development, scripting (e.g. HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP), or extensions
  4. App development
  5. Server migration


High priority requests that must be completed as-soon-as-possible. Details:

  1. Urgent requests must be sent to support+urgent[at]meddkit.com and will incur additional costs.
  2. The meddkit team will be alerted via SMS (text) so we can begin work immediately.
  3. Urgent requests require that we drop everything that we are working, possibly delaying other client work or projects
  4. We understand that unpredictable things happen, so we still want to accommodate these rare instances
  5. Billing extra for these requests allows us to pull in extra help to minimize delays to other clients or projects

Due Date

All due dates are calculated from the time the request is first emailed to support[at]meddkit.com. We aim to deliver greater than 80% adherence to the below due dates, depending on the effort required to complete the request.


Work is due within 5 business days.


Work is due within 15 business days.


Due dates are determined per project.


Work is generally due within 1 business day, unless otherwise mentioned for the specific request.


All listed costs are billed to payment method on file.


One update request is gratis each calendar month. No more than one update request is gratis in any calendar month, unless otherwise indicated in writing by a meddkit manager or executive.

Additional update requests are billed $100 per hour of work.


One build request is gratis each calendar quarter. No more than one update request is gratis in any calendar quarter, unless otherwise indicated in writing by a meddkit manager or executive.

Additional build requests are billed $100 per hour of work.


All overhaul request costs are determined per project.


All urgent requests are billed $200 per hour of work.

Marketing Content

The follow section applies to clients receiving social media and marketing content services from meddkit. Social media and marketing content is defined as the complete or partial delegation of writing, reviewing, editing, scheduling, or posting digital media online on behalf of our clients.

Content Draft Frequency

The content frequency is defined in the client’s order form and signed agreement with meddkit. It is the number of content drafts that will be prepared for the client, at a minimum, over a given time period. Keep in mind that the client is ultimately responsible for approving content drafts. Less content may be posted than estimated if less content is approved by the client for any given time period.

Client Feedback Period

After content drafts are prepared, they are submitted to meddkit’s editorial review. Following editorial review, content drafts are submitted to the client for feedback and final approval.

If the client does not cancel or edit the content within one week of submission to client, it will be considered approved by the meddkit team. The content will then be scheduled for publication.