Kris Belfry, Belfry Wellness, Interview with meddkit

Kris Belfry at Belfry Wellness is changing the game in pain management. Imagine never having to visit a Chiropractor or PT ever again. Kris discusses his unique method and discovery that can set you free from pain.

Hear Kris talk about:

1. His story of how his own pain lead to his journey to healing others.

2. The major role your emotions and thoughts play in experiencing pain.

3. Tip of the day: breath work! Discover how you can significantly reduce your pain levels within minutes.

If you would like more information about Kris, please visit his website at

Check out some of his amazing free resources here.

And if you were intrigued by Kris’s take on “Super Size Me,” you definitely won’t want to miss this.

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