March 7, 2018

20 Scripts for Negative Patient Reviews

Bad reviews are unavoidable and costly. Prepare for them by having 20 scripts for negative patient reviews readily available for you or your staff to send once they appear. Respond with these scripts in the same place they appear online, if possible (i.e. Google, Facebook, Yelp).

Scripts for negative patient reviews are important

  1. A script takes you out of the moment and eliminates emotional overreaction.20 scripts for negative patient reviews image
  2. Doctors, chiropractors and counselors have to take care to maintain confidentiality confidentiality and not say anything that might violate HIPAA or put the practice at risk for malpractice. One hospital in California was fined $275,000 for disclosing patient information in response to a complaint. ProPublica found 3,500 one-star bad patient reviews on Yelp in which patients mention “privacy” or “HIPAA”. Pre-approved scripts protect you from these mishaps.
  3. Scripts are fast! When things get busy at the practice, a script can save the day.
Modify these scripts for your needs by replacing the [NAME] and contact information. Use a different script for every negative review. If you have any trouble copying or editing the scripts, contact us.

Download your 20 scripts for negative patient reviews here