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Provider Spotlight: Dr. Marco DiBonaventura (Complementary Healthcare)

Hear what Dr. Marco’s practice is doing about COVID in King of Prussia, PA.

Dr. Marco DiBonaventura is the founder Complementary Healthcare. He is a graduate from Complimentary Medicine in Florida. He served in the US Air Force for 7 years and served in the Gulf War. His practice in KOP takes a really interesting approach by combining eastern medicine with SUPER cutting age therapies (Stem Cell Therapy + PRP)

Hear about:
1) Unique things Dr. Marco’ s practice has done during COVID-19 and therapies that could aid in recovery.
2) What is Stem Cell Therapy and PRP
3) Dr. Marco’s take on how he thinks US healthcare should change for the better

Check out Dr. Marco’s website https://www.kingofprussiahealth.com/ for more information.

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