• Build a Next.js web application
  • Set up encrypted MongoDB database
  • Get/Post external APIs
  • Allow for multi-tenancy functionality


  • At least three prior React.js/Next.js projects built individually or with a small team
  • At least one prior project that integrates Twilio’s API
  • At least two prior projects utilizing MUI or TailwindCSS
  • Ideally >500 git commits in the last year
  • English fluency


  • Remote
  • Project-based
  • One meeting per week max


  • Healthcare
  • Software
  • Digital Marketing

Job Description

Interested in being a part of an intimate team of people working hard to make a difference in healthcare? Do you like building things that make a difference for care access for private healthcare practices? If so, we’d love to speak with you. We are a small team working hard on very big problems facing healthcare and wellness providers.

We are ideally looking for someone who has experience with React.js (ideally Next.js) and the MERN stack. The candidate should have several such projects whose code commit history that they are able to share. This person should be comfortable interacting with APIs to get and post data to/from apps.

But the only hard requirements are simple: Always tell the truth. Work hard. Leave your ego at the door. Improve 1% every day. Be willing to make mistakes and say sorry. And to acknowledge, in word and demeanor, that you don’t know everything but that tomorrow you will know more than today.

We envision a healthcare system transformed by personalized care delivery at scale. In this brighter future, healthcare providers can run successful, independent businesses and not worry about having enough appointments or technology problems. They can spend all of their time caring for patients.

Meddkit modernizes private healthcare practices resulting in less technology stress, more consistent appointments, and improved online ratings. We empower physicians, counselors, massage therapists, dentists and their staff by automating practice growth and eliminating IT administration.