Job Function

  • Conducting video interviews of meddkit clients and prospects.
  • Preparing and researching questions relevant to the specialty or business.
  • Building and growing the video/podcast channel(s).


  • Good knowledge of healthcare operations, regulations and/or delivery.
  • Two to six years of healthcare or related experience.
  • Outgoing, inquisitive, personable and energetic over video and audio.
  • English fluency.
  • United States citizen.




Digital Marketing

Job Description

Interested in being a part of an intimate team of people working hard to make a difference in healthcare? Are you excited to engage prospective clients over the phone and email? Would you like to learn about sales while also gaining exposure to medicine and healthcare IT? If so, we’d love to speak with you. We are a small team working hard on very big problems facing private healthcare and wellness providers.

We are hiring a healthcare video interview host to speak with healthcare workers about their stories and businesses. The goal is to grow the subscriber base of each video/podcast channel that these interviews will be recorded on. We care less about how this is done and more about results. But we have a few thoughts on what will make you successful.

You should have an interest in speaking with healthcare workers and learning from them. You should be inquisitive and love asking questions and listening. You will get a lot of encouragement from the team but must be determined and persistent. You should be fluent with English. You should probably be interested in healthcare, technology and web development. We won’t gloss over it: you should be willing to grind when needed. You will also have fun and learn a lot.

But the only hard requirements are simple: Always tell the truth. Work hard. Leave your ego at the door. Improve 1% every day. Be willing to make mistakes and say sorry. And to acknowledge, in word and demeanor, that you don’t know everything but that tomorrow you will know more than today.

We envision a healthcare system transformed by personalized care delivery at scale. In this brighter future, healthcare providers can run successful, independent businesses and not worry about having enough appointments or technology problems. They can spend all of their time caring for patients.

Meddkit modernizes private healthcare practices resulting in less technology stress, more consistent appointments, and improved online ratings. We empower physicians, counselors, massage therapists, dentists and their staff by automating practice growth and eliminating IT administration.